Car Roof Bars – Tips


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When looking for car accessories, better check first with companies that have sufficient experience in dealing with different car models and types. If your car is a Honda, Citroen, Mitsubishi, Toyota or a Volvo, we would like to be of assistance to you.

We put high regard on quality and customer buying experience. We support 4×4 vehicles, motor homes and caravans. Before you transact with us, we would like to share with the following tips on using car roof bars.

Read the manual

If you can’t reach us to guide you on the step by step installation, you have the manual as an alternative. If possible, have someone to help you. Make sure that you understand all instructions before you proceed installing.

Be careful with the torque

For every bar, there is a particular torque setting. If you make a mistake, you will have bars that are over-tightened or under-tightened. Worst case is that you might destroy the threading. Screwing should be done gradually.

Put oil on the connections

There’s good benefit if you put oil on the connections between the rail and the bar. If you do that, it will be easily to remove the bars when there’s a need to do it.

Remove the bars when they are not needed

This is advised for customers to do because it comes with some benefits. Foremost among them is it allows decreasing the weight of the vehicle. Another one is the lessening of the aerodynamic drag which eventually means that you will get savings on fuel. Some say this also has positive effect on mileage. Finally, it is one way of reducing wind noise when the car is being driven.

Always get help when loading things on the roof bars

Don’t proceed stacking up anything on the bars all alone, especially if you’re loading heavy items. This is a common mistake that leads to destroying the car’s painting or even disfiguring the bars.

Decide whether the base material is aluminum or steel

We have roof bars made of either aluminum or steel. The advantages of aluminum is that it is sturdier than steel. Also, it works well with the drag component and perhaps the mileage too. However, if you’re looking into lowering the cost, the steel type will be the better option.

Check the height

When using the roof bar, the height will be increased, and it will increase further with loaded items. Think about the time when you have to drive through tunnels or parking your car in a shopping mall’s basement.

Check the weight limits

It depends on what you intend to load onto the bars. If you are looking into a long-term use, it is prudent to choose the one with a high weight capacity. Needs do change over time.

Tell us what you need and we will go with you poring through the selections. Rest assured you will have the most suited roof bars for your vehicle.