Courier Freight – What Vehicles Are Used?


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Customers and businesses all year round want to have parcels picked up or delivered and it is up to courier service providers to meet demand and cater to those needs. Picking the right vehicle for the job is very important because it ensures parcels are picked up and delivered successfully plus it saves cost. Courier service providers always make sure that they have a variety of vehicles in their ranks to cater to business and clients needs because their requests do vary all the time. Vehicles used for courier work include pushbikes, large vans, medium vans and motorcycles. To make sure that deliveries are made successfully, courier providers make sure that they give their employees, especially their drivers the right training to get jobs done. Vehicles used by couriers have a GPS tracking unit in them which helps their businesses and customers track their parcels or packages as they are being delivered.

Working as a driver in the courier industry is not easy due to the strict screening process where driving history and criminal records are checked. Vehicles used for courier work also go through a strict screen process to ensure they are fit for purpose. One thing which is part of the training given to drivers who work in the courier industry is road safety. Clients have all the information they need by going on the courier providers website and if they have any further queries, they can always contact their local providers and have things cleared up. To ensure that needs are met and the right vehicles are dispatched, clients are asked to provide correct dimensions of their parcels (weight, length, width). Parcels and packages need to be properly packed to avoid any damage and anything that costs more than £1000 needs declaring for insurance purposes.

Vehicles used

1. Pushbikes are preferred by courier service providers when it comes to delivering parcels that weight less than 2kgs and nothing more.

2. Motorcycles are a massive upgrade from the pushbike because not only are they faster, but they can carry slightly bigger parcels that weigh up to 5kgs. Motorcycles are good for making multiple deliveries in urban areas.

3. The small van is also one of the most used vehicles in the courier industry. Small vans can carry items that weigh up to 700kgs. Clients and businesses mostly hire a small van that can carry between 400kg to 700kgs as this offers the ideal space needed and it is affordable.

4. For those with large items that need delivering, large vans are the best options. Large vans can carry packages and parcels that weigh up to 1100kgs.