Luxury Airport Transfers: Common Questions To Address


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Luxury Road Events prides itself on providing topnotch party bus services that make peoples travels more swanky, comfortable and exciting. It applies not just to celebrations such as corporate events, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays or prom nights but to airport transfers as well. In fact, our clients have given us great feedback and commended us for turning what couldve been a dull couple of hours on the road into the ride of their lives. We are happy every time we give such unforgettable experiences!

We would like to clear the air on some of the questions that people may ask about airport transfers in limos or party buses. This would allow you a better perspective of why we continue doing what we do, especially if havent tried our services.

Why should I ride one of these when there are cabs?

While it is true that taxis are always going to be around in airports, you should take note that there are queues you would have to go through. If you were heading to the airport, you would also end up wasting time calling for one or signaling one on the road. You wouldnt be able to predict how long doing so might take. Also, if you were among a group of more than four, you would need to get multiple cabs. Wouldnt everything be easier and more enjoyable if you were all together in one spacious vehicle? And wouldnt it be better to have transport that could pick you up at the exact time you want? One that could take you to your destination without being uncertain with directions?

Isnt pubic transportation a faster option?

Even though the answer may be a technical yes, there are a number of other things you should consider. First, it might only be faster by a matter of minutes. Second, you would be subjected to crowdedness and standing in lines. Third, you might encounter problems while bringing along or stowing heavy luggage, as there could be weight restrictions in some metros, trains or buses. None of those issues exist when you are taking one of our services.

Arent luxury airport transfers only for the wealthy and privileged?

That is a common misconception. There wouldnt be thousands of limo or party bus hire companies if only affluent people hired them. Our clients could be anyone from CEOs to middle-class families to a group of college students. There are different affordable services for people to choose from.

Would the driver be allowed to wait if my flight got delayed for quite a bit?

We do our best to make enough allowance for any delays in your airport arrival. However, there are times when your chauffeur would have no choice but to leave due to another booking. The good news is that we are very efficient with getting you a backup ride in that case. If your flight gets cancelled or you wouldnt get to leave until the next day, just get in touch with us. We would have no problem accommodating you for the time when your alternative flight arrives.